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As with every art, cooking also requires passion, interest and time... Irrespective of doing it as a leisure activity or on a regular basis, it involves dedication. The happiness you derive out of cooking by your self and serving is endless... esp someone appreciating your recipe...how nice it feels, is it not???

You may wonder about the title of this blog..Iyer Iyengar Kitchen...I am a Tanjore Iyer married to an Iyengar and picked up cooking by learning the delicacies of both the customs....and that is what I am sharing here... Recipes popular among the Tamil Iyer & Iyengar communities..

I would be really happy if this benefits atleast few of you....if you find this useful, pass this on to your friends..

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Kothamalli Thogayal / Coriander Thogayal

This is a very excellent accompaniment for Curd rice and also can be mixed with rice and taken as ‘Kothamalli Sadham’. What more, mix it with curd and use it as a raitha as well J
1.       Coriander leaves: 1 cup full
2.       Dry Red Chillies: 5 (Medium sized) – I use Gundu vathal milagai
3.       Urad dal / orid dal: 2 tbsps
4.       Asafoedita: A pinch
5.       Tamarind: very small sized – say of the size of a Cadbury gems
6.       Salt
7.       Water: little
8.       Oil: 1 tsp
Preparation Procedure:
1.       In a small kadai, add 1 tsp oil and roast the orid dal, red chillies till the dal turns light golden colour. Switch off the stove
2.       Allow the above roasted minutes to cool for few minutes. Ensure that the orid dal does not turn brown while it remains in the kadai since the heat will remain in the kadai for few minutes. I usually transfer it to another vessel / mixie to allow the mix to cool.
3.       Add salt, asafoedita and the little bit of tamarind to the mixie along with the ingredients and grind them for a minute initially without adding water.
4.       Now add the coriander leaves and grind it fine by adding very little water.
5.       Now, keep on sprinkling water –( not pouring water) now and then and make the mixer ingredients as a thick ball. Note this should neither be powdery nor be a paste like. You should grind it like a firm mass by adding water very little by little. If the water goes little more also, it will become like a paste.
6.       Remove the contents out of the mixie and using your hand, make it like a shape of a dough / ball like and store it in a vessel and serve.
This can even be refrigerated and consumed for the next day if you make it thick.

Kothamalli Sadham Serving Tip:
1.       Make rice in cooker allowing 3 or 4 whistles.
2.       Once the rice sets, take the required quantity of rice in a big mouth bowl.
3.       Add 2 tsps of Gingely oil and ½ tsp of ghee to the hot rice in the bowl.
4.       Allow the rice to cool for 2 to 3 mins.
5.       Now with a flat ladle, spread the rice and add the kothamalli thogayal and mix it..note that the rice and kothamalli needs to be mixed and not mashed..

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