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As with every art, cooking also requires passion, interest and time... Irrespective of doing it as a leisure activity or on a regular basis, it involves dedication. The happiness you derive out of cooking by your self and serving is endless... esp someone appreciating your recipe...how nice it feels, is it not???

You may wonder about the title of this blog..Iyer Iyengar Kitchen...I am a Tanjore Iyer married to an Iyengar and picked up cooking by learning the delicacies of both the customs....and that is what I am sharing here... Recipes popular among the Tamil Iyer & Iyengar communities..

I would be really happy if this benefits atleast few of you....if you find this useful, pass this on to your friends..

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Combination Samayal

There are few items that go well together and hence make an excellent combination when prepared hand in hand..listing some of the combination items that i am aware of..

1.       Vathal Kuzhambu Sadham with Avial / Potato Curry & Sutta Appalam
2.       More Kuzhambu with Paruppu Usili
3.       Vengaya Sambhar with Potato urappu curry
5.       Paruppu Thogayal & Jeera Milagu Rasam

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